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An Experienced Macon Attorney For Your Legal Needs

Legal problems are by their nature pressing problems. An experienced lawyer can help you meet deadlines, complete complicated paperwork and avoid costly, time-consuming trips to the courthouse.

I am building a law firm one satisfied client at a time by focusing on efficient, effective resolution of complex legal issues. I am Larry Fouche, Attorney At Law. From my Macon office, I offer effective legal representation to people in Monroe, Warner Robins, Byron and all other Middle Georgia communities.

A Guiding Hand Through A Difficult Time

The probate process can be overwhelming for those who have lost a loved one and must usher his or her estate through the system. It means you must identify assets, settle debts and tax issues, and distribute assets to beneficiaries.

The legal issues can be complex, and the emotions involved can sometimes complicate matters further. That is why it is so useful to have an experienced estate administration attorney at your side, someone to guide you through the paperwork and procedures so that you fulfill your duties to the law and your loved one.

I will also work with you to create a final will and testament for you, so that your family understands your wishes.

Protecting You After Injury

My practice areas also include helping injured workers get full and fair workers’ compensation benefits. Far too often, employers or insurance companies try to deny deserved benefits. The only thing stopping them is a good lawyer willing to fight.

My law firm will investigate your job-related injury, appeal your case and battle relentlessly to get you the wage replacement and medical care you need and deserve.

In addition, I provide skillful representation to people who have been injured in slip-and-falls on commercial and private property. If the owner’s failure to maintain the property resulted in the injury, I will work tirelessly to ensure that you receive full compensation for damages in your personal injury case.

Defending Your Freedom And Your Future

One of the most disturbing experiences a person can have is being arrested and charged with a crime. As a former police officer and now a criminal defense lawyer, I know both sides of the system. I can help you fight to protect your freedom today and safeguard tomorrow’s job and career opportunities.

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